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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  December 16, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EST

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right now at 4:30, philip chism facing charge in another case today after jurors find him guilty in the murder of colleen ritzer, what's next? scary moments as a rain roll off the runway, passengers who were on board. >> a war of words between the republican presidential candidate, all the highlights from the latest gop debate. boston. this is wbz "this morning". >> good morning, it is forngs
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>> and i'm chris mckinnon. >> it was a bit of a difference today, pamela gardner in for danielle, good morning! >> definitely different feeling, we have the rain, the clouds moving out too, a brighter start to the day once that sun gets high in the sky, and temperatures will be right around average for this time of year, we'll click back tht 30s, for now we're in the 30s in a lot of spots from orange to worcester, 38 degrees, boston 34, plymouth 34, we hold there and then drop over the next few hours, the satellite radar picture shows clouds over the coast, the cape island, but mostly clear skies farther inland, informer that morning drive back in the 30s and then for that lunch hour, 44 degrees, we'll actually be much cooler compared to the last several day but right around the normal high of 41 degrees this time of year. more sunshine ahead for the rest of today but then for tomorrow, the cloud return, so do the rain chances i'll have the hour by hour timing in just a bit, back
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>> pamela, thank you very much. philip chism due back in court today, he facing charge in another case. this is one day after a jury found him guilty of the murder and rape of his math teacher colleen ritzer. chism will be in juvenile court, charged with attempted murder on an assault on a department of youth worker while on trial. >> his family spoke up after the verdict came down, our chris christinea a hager has more. >> reporter: the verdict she's been waiting more than two years. >> guilty, extreme atrocity with cruelty. >> reporter: soon after, peggy
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she sat through 24 months of her daughter's unimaginable last moments and summoned optimist you can words. >> there's good in everyday. >> reporter: speaking publicly for the first time. best to find the good in everyday. >> reporter: about an hour after chism stood only feet in jury. guilty of not only murdering his danvers high math teacher but also robbing and raping her, on a second rape charge. >> not guilty. his mother collapsed. for chism, the murder convict carries life behind bar with the chance for parole, because he was 14 when it happened. the jury did not believe his attorneys argument that he was in the throes of psychosis, when he attacked her, for her father, breaking his silence, finally
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>> we will not let her death define how she lived. >> reporter: he will spend his time at a juvenile detention center until 18, sentencing expected next month. christina hager, wbz news. stay with wbz both on air and online for the latest in the case. crash in wakefield, emergency crews rush to the scene on 128 southbound, just after 1:00 a.m., a car crashed ejecting two people inside, paramed bis sent them to the hospital t the car now on fire, state police investigating. in other news, a man arrested in a violent armed robbery due in court this morning, we showed you the surveillance video of the incident yesterday, detectives say michael slesinger held up the rooster farms market, holding up the owner. detectives want to know if he committed a similar act in their
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more than half a dozen people injured recovering now after this plane slid off the runway in nashville, the faa wrong, the southwest airlines boeing 737 went off the runway and came to a rest there in a grassy ditch. >> we landed and we're getting off the road, the wing and it looks like we're toppled over, we stopped in the ditch, the fun parlt -- part, i got to slide under the slide. >> you think, what just happen? did we hit a plane, what did dwoe? >> 133 passengers on board and five crew members, eight suffered minor injuries. 435 :35 right now, schools back open in los angeles right now, the fbi says an e-mail threatening a shooting was a hoax, the e-mail sent to the school board monday night,
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other guns and explosive devices, hours later, they closed down the entire school district, about 900 schools, new york city schools received a similar threat but did not close. no threat against schools here in boston, institute has 57,000 students in its public schools, mayor marty walls says boston would be ready if a threat materialized. >> if there was a credible concern that our kids' safety was, was jeopardized, we absolutely would take serious action. >> he said also a 20 minute outage at city hall yesterday was a coincidence which hackers, unrelated to the threats in new york and l.a.. the presidential candidates face off in their final debate of the year, bree is in with the look at the clashes. >> the four previous debates went largely to script, then a
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focused on security and it had a much more fearful phone, they thought political correctness was bad, they believe the u.s. and iraq. >> reporter: nine republicans at the venetian hotel in las vegas focused on security, the first, donald trump's call to ban muslims from entering the united states, he said he'd extend it to refugees already here. >> and if obama has brought some to this country, they are they're gone. >> reporter: ted cruz, who was leading trump in two recent iowa polls locked horn with marco rubio over immigration issues. >> ted cruz supported a 500% increase in the number of h1bs for the number of them allowed. >> reporter: and the scandal. >> someone in world war three, we might think of someone who
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don't like their friend. >> reporter: and carly fiorina mentioned her friend. >> if you want something done, ask ask a man, if you want something done, ask a woman. >> reporter: there's more on the caucus for february 1, chris back to you. hillary clinton is also taking on the issue of terrorism, the democratic front runner pitched her plan to fight isis yesterday and it includes a closer look at the postings of visa applicants, martin o'mally will debate in manchester saturday night. formal step to fire the operator of that runaway train on the red line, according to his union, david vasquez will be fired after he served the 30 day unpaid suspension handed out yesterday, source tell that he wrapped a cord around the
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out to fit a signal problem, he forgot to put the hand brake, that's not what he says. >> he does not admit to that mt conversations he'd had with me. >> without the handle brake, the red line train took off, rolling through four stations before other employees finally cut the power to the third rail and then stopped it. your wednesday morning, wall. >> and several people hurt when it collapsed. massachusetts customer big deductibles for damage. >> plus a hair care line now facing a class action lawsuit,
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welcome back, new complaints about a new hair product. >> and a big decision from the federal reserve that could have a big impact, jill wagner live for us at the new york stock exchange, good morning to you, jill? >> reporter: good morning to you, decision day, the fed expected to announce it is
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rates for the first time since the financial crisis, jane ellen says she wants any further heights to be gradual, [ indiscernible ] the vast decision, 166 points, the nasdaq up 43. chipotle says it won't be raising rices to cover the costs of new procedures, after an e. coli outbreak sickened 50 people and norovirus more than 100. it says it's hobble to prevent food borne illness 100% of the time, they want to get close. celebs like brook shields and angie harmon swear by the wen products but some claim the shampoo product are causing their hair to fall out in clump with skin irritation and rashes, when it's all done, qvc, amazon and sephora, has not commented.
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is changing the way it codes video so that it will use up to 20% less data and still appear in high quality, this change will take effect early next year. chris and kathryn. >> i'm still stuck on the hair loss thing. >> i was going to say with the data use, if you're binge watching, you're binge watching, you're going to use your data no matter what. >> that is true. thank you, jill we appreciate it, in the next hour. we need to get to your forecast, kind of back to reality. >> i know, i'm having trouble breathing right now, just coughing up a storm! [ laughter ] >> no worries he was so quiet. >> i'm like, yeah. you know when you cough and lose your breath? >> i'm sorry, i didn't realize that, i'm looking at you, why has he lost his breath? [ laughter ] weather today, going to be cooler, you notice as soon as you step outside, running anywhere from 10 to 20 degrees cooler in some spots, rounding
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though, after today, even though we will be cooler, we'll be right around normal and still, after today, we might round out the day, slightly above average, believe it or not. current temperatures in the 30s and 40s, now 43 degrees, boston, 39 as you head out the door in nashua, worcester 34 degrees, temperatures colder than yesterday, 16 degrees colder in boston, seven degree temperature change in nashua, hour by hour of today here in boston, 41 the average high temperature. we'll be hovering around normal, the rest of the afternoon. highs elsewhere? will reach the mid 40s for some, lower 40s for plymouth and the clouds really playing a role in how high those temperature will climb, i think especially south and east in the areas along the coast here, we'll see more cloud cover, thanks to a light northeast wind coming off that
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overnight lows in the 30s, many locations reaching right around that 32 degree mark, freezing mark there in to thursday morning, the thing we have though, clouds going in to the next couple days and also some rain chances for thursday. here's the hour by hour we're timing, 9:00 a.m. this morning, want to show you that a few clouds are expected throughout the day, mostly sunny skies, but then, most of the clouds expected mainly along the southeastern coastline thanks to that, again, northeast breeze. 5:00 p.m. tonight in to the early part of thursday, clouds increase in coverage, expecting a couple sprinkles there for thursday morning, thursday afternoon, things start to ramp up just a little bit, isolated showers at best, other than that, a few sprinkles still not a complete washout for your thursday, if you have errands to run, last minute christmas shopping, you're just fine, borderline that commute we're expecting the showers to come in and it looks like projected rainfall from thursday this to -- oh, let's see, today in to
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like anywhere from quarter of an inch to half an inch of rain. seven-day forecast, temperatures in the 40s today, thursday, 53 degrees, scattered rain, more showers in to early, early friday, most of that rain out of here by that friday morning commute, 51 degrees, not bad but the weekend, whoa! a little chill in the air with highs in the 40s, chance for maybe a few flurries saturday, sunday all dry, monday 46 and next tuesday up to 52, back to you, chris and kathryn. thank you very much, homeowners who suffer storm damage this winter are getting a break. according to the globe, the massachusetts division of insurance has rejected a proposal to force homeowners to pay a large deductible for any damage caused by ice dams, that deductible as much as $10,000, and the insurance company would've been the ones deciding whether ice dams were ultimately responsible.
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blamed for the sudden collapse of this wall in moltion, take a look, it fell on several people including a mother and her toddler. >> imagine that, so scary! some of those victims are talking to wbz's ken mcleod. >> reporter: albertina got pinned. >> she started crying. >> i couldn't move. >> reporter: and so did maureen. wouldn't wish it on anybody. >> reporter: they're talking about a lunch time walk on pleasant street when a gusty wind toppled a 35 foot section of metal and plywood, shielding from debris, the surveillance camera next door shows five pedestrians in harm's way when it crashes to the sidewalk. >> we didn't know what happened, we ran out there and saw some people underneath, heard a baby crying, trying to lift it up and get the people from underneath. >> reporter: neighboring store
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good samaritans who got in to survival mode. >> i want to thank the guy that dragged me out of it. >> reporter: a mother and her 2-year-old dragged out, mom went to the hospital, but child spared injury by a stroller that deflected the blow. >> so we're happy about that. >> reporter: as workers remove the bent metal and splintered wood this afternoon, city building inspectors began the job of figuring out how a barrier built to protect instead wound up hurting. >> it came down really fast, and like, everything was heavy and she was under it for awhile. >> i had walked by it, i thought it would be light but it just crushed all of us. >> reporter: those three injured women will all recover, we're told, city building inspector not yet cited anyone, in moldon, ken mcleod. drones fun and games, unmanned aircraft to work. plus the local author's laptop stolen, what was on the
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4:52, philip chism guilty, rejecting the claim he was insane when he killed his high school math teacher colleen ritzer, also charged him with aggravated rape and robbery, he'll be sentenced to life in
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presidential debate of the year last night, last night, ted cruz and marco rubio got in to intervention, government spying on american's communications and immigration, and front runner donald trump defended his cause to ban muslims, calling it a security measure, also promised he won't run as an independent if he loses the nomination. a man arrested in this violent armed robbery is due in court in orleans this morning. we showed you this surveillance video yesterday of that incident, detectives say michael schlesinger held up the brooster farms market, holding a gun to the clerk, bedford detectives want to know if he committed a similar crime in that city. a disturbing phone scam, a person claiming to be a member of isis harassing members in the area, threatening to burn down their homes, police posted on
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caller has a california area code, if anybody calls you asking for your personal information, hang up and call police. a local author and journalist is pleading pour information about his stolen laptop, david wedge the co author of "boston strong" someone broke in to his suv and grabbed the laptop, it had notes from the book and picture of [ indiscernible ] on survivors. >> some of those pictures the only place i had them saved on the laptop, lost some of those, lost some of the notes from some of the interviews that we did, you know, some of it was backed up, but not everything. >> wedge has offered up $1,000 reward with no questions asked. the state department of transportation is considering using drones. the herald reports of the unmanned aircraft could be used to tackle time consuming inspections under bridges, airports, and in tunnels, right now mass d.o.t. is involved with a federal drone test site on the
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can make a difference in everyday use. celtics fan are a bit blue after james and the cleveland cavalier came to the garden, led by the six at the half, the cavs took over, game high 24 points, cavs powerful, kevin love also had a big night in the 4th drained to put cleveland, 89 celtics 77. to the patriots multiple reports saying he's done for the season, the running back got hurt sunday night's win in homeland security. and signing former running back to the ball, 215 pounds, playing two seasons in denver but was cut during training camp. a surprise delivery for children at boston area
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players from the boston bruins, trading in their gear for gifts, for 600 kids in hospitals all over the city. >> super cool. >> reporter: were you surprised? >> i was super surprised, i didn't know any of this was ever going to happen to me. >> reporter: what does this mean to you? >> it means the world that they would come to the hospital and just visit all the kids. >> how sweet, right? the entire bruins team was on hand for yesterday's special delivery which has been a tradition, i should note, for the team for years. just so nice to see the kids' faces light up and such a surprise too. >> that one kid, yeah. >> loved it. >> and then got the crazy hats on too. >> i know, i like that, showing their spirit. [ laughter ] coming up, actor, producer, and restaurateur. >> but we all know where mark wahlberg got his start, the public just can't get enough of those good vibration it's just a good vibration! after 12:00 p.m.,
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